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Aquaculture and fisheries

CHANAKYA CORPORATION is a specialist in economic, social and environmental feasibility studies for development projects mainly aquaculture projects. Our consulting firm acts ahead development projects, whether you are an investor or developer.

Our studies can give you all the necessary informations to make your decision and adapt your project.

CHANAKYA CORPORATION has conducted several feasibility studies, for example:

  • Feasibility study for a shellfish farm installation, ANDA, Nador
  • Feasibility study for a seaweed culture farm installation, ANDA, Nador
  • Feasibility study for seaweed culture (spirulina) in the region of Laayoune and the product marketing strategy in national and international markets, AGRINOS , Laayoune, 2010
  • Technical feasibility study of a oysters farming project in the Bay of Dakhla and its Environmental impact assessment , DAKHLA AQUACULTURE, 2010.